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Nutshell Interactive specializes in intelligent, bite-size titles that can be made accessible in an interactive platform. What we like: unique stories with lots of visuals (or mapped-out concepts for visuals), comedy, symbolic and esoteric material, mystery & intrigue, smart pop culture, picture books with excellent images, and concise reference materials. Multiple character fiction is good as well. Please do not send stories over 100 pages, unless they can be easily adapted into a series.


We do not produce romance titles. Currently not accepting screenplays, poetry, sports, or horror titles.


Please send initial queries without attachments to info AT with Submissions in the subject line. Include genre, title, short summary, section of text, and brief info about the author. If you have a treatment, character profiles, or market analysis, even better!


No snail mail, please – keep it green.


Nutshell Interactive is a boutique company, so it may take several weeks to receive a reply but feel free to follow up. Thank you for your consideration.