We love the classicsold and future classics.

More than just entertainment, the classics teach us lessons, open our eyes to the world around us,

and enrich our daily lives.  


Sometimes, though, meanings or messages can seem just out of reach.


Nutshell Interactive puts the answers at your fingertips, with titles for visual people who like the elements at hand when absorbing literature. In a nutshell, we help readers make new connections and broaden the vocabulary of ideas.


Touch, swipe, resize, highlight text, bookmark your own notes as you read. Tap words for a brief definition or click again for an in-depth understanding without ever leaving your place on the page. Our titles include high-quality audio, illustrations, galleries, and video for a dimensional experience you can’t get from a paper book.


You can carry these collectible books on your iPad to read even when you are not connected to the internet.

Our titles can be purchased in the iTunes Bookstore for use with iBooks, Apple’s free proprietary ebook app.